Featured Ingredient: Coconut Flour

When a majority of shoppers head to the grocery store and are looking to buy flour, they’ll head straight for the all-purpose, grain flour. Many recipes call for the standard flour so home bakers will simply go with what the recipe says. But for any health-conscious shoppers or anyone who has dietary restrictions, all-purpose flour just won’t cut it. So what’s a healthy alternative that you can opt for when you want to whip up a batch of your favorite gluten-free protein cookies? Coconut flour!

Coconut flour is used Best Protein Cookiesin our delicious chocolate chip cookie and is one of just nine ingredients that make up the best protein cookies you can buy! But what makes coconut flour different, or dare we say, better? Keep reading to learn all you want to know about coconut flour and give Clean Break Foods a try today.

Coconut Flour is Non-Allergenic

Even though the FDA considers coconut a tree nut, it’s actually less allergenic that a majority of other tree nuts, like almonds. And when a lot of grain-free recipes choose to substitute all-purpose or bread flours with almond flour, there’s still a risk of upsetting your allergies.


When baking at home or when you’re shopping for a protein cookie, you want a finished product that is light, fluffy, and delicious. With traditional grain flour, cookies, and many other products have a heavy, lifeless texture that is less than desirable. If you are cooking with coconut flour at home, be sure to fluff it up with a fork and gently scoop it into a measuring cup.


With four grams of protein in a ¼ cup (depending on the brand), making the best protein cookies with coconut flour is easy — and tasty. It’s recommended that women get around 46 grams of protein and men get around 56 grams, which can be difficult to achieve when you’re wanting to avoid meat. So whether you’re a fitness buff or just want a healthy snack alternative, everyone needs a good amount of lean protein in their diets. The Clean Break cookie has 12 grams of protein so you can feel full longer.

Healthy Fats

It’s a lot of good news when it comes to coconut flour. Coconut flour contains MUFA, or monounsaturated fatty acids, which are low in omega-6 fats. You’ve probably heard that omega-3 acids are good for your body, but it’s also important to have a healthy ratio of the two fats. When you consume coconut flour, it’s helping to reduce the amount of omega-6s.

Best Protein CookiesTaste

Again, whether you’re baking at home or looking for a healthy protein cookie, in the end, it comes down to how it tastes! Coconut flour has a mild flavor and is a great alternative to grain flours.


Grain flours contain gluten, right? Which is hard for the body to digest. Other gluten-free flours, such as teff, quinoa, or amaranth flour, require soaking or fermenting to reduce enzyme inhibitors, and who has time to do that? With coconut flour, all you have to do is start baking (or eating).


Along with protein, fiber is another essential addition to your diet. It’s recommended that you get around 15 grams of fiber to help maintain a healthy weight and digestive system. The best protein cookies from Clean Break Foods has three grams of fiber.

Want to give coconut flour a try before using it in your recipes at home? Clean Break Foods offers a protein cookie that tastes great, is good for your body, and uses only all-natural ingredients. You don’t have to worry any longer about the weird sounding ingredients listed in other healthy protein cookies. Just know that when you bite into our chocolate chip cookie, you’re getting the best.

Order some for yourself and experience the benefits of coconut flour today.